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Contact information Recruitment Cooperation
Recruitment:Technical support (after-sales service)
Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for product installation and maintenance and debugging;

2, responsible for product and customer training;

3. Responsible for other work assigned by the sales manager.


1. College degree, electronic information, automation and related majors;

2, have a good language skills, communication skills;

3, have a good team spirit, strong work responsibility;

4, healthy, long-term business trip.

Contact information:

Address: No. 1300 Yinghe Road, Gaoxin District, Handan City, Anhui Province

Zip code:233010

Tel: 0552-4074068 (Human Resources Department), 4084015

Fax: 0552-4082977

E-mail:eibb@ei41.com, eifire@eifire.com

Website: http://www.hiwab.com
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Contact Us400-0552-119
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