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    Corporate Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

    People-oriented, harmonious and win-win

    Energy saving, health and safety

    Obey the law, prevention is the main

    Full participation, continuous improvement

    The company through the following aspects of key control, and strive to promote the achievement of the guidelines to confirm the organization has a good environmental and occupational health and safety performance:

    ——People-oriented is an important part of the company's purpose and corporate culture. Paying attention to environmental protection and caring for employees' physical and mental health and safety is an important responsibility of all managers; the company establishes and maintains an occupational health and safety management system, implements a people-centered approach, and protects employees’ body. Health and life safety;

    ——The company establishes and maintains an environmental management system, actively promotes the prevention of environmental pollution, and achieves the goals of energy saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction.;

    ——The company promises to abide by relevant national and local laws and regulations and other requirements, add to the factors that affect the environment, identify and control, and strive to protect the environment; control the sources of danger, reduce or eliminate risks, prevent and reduce personal injury, health damage and disease;

    ——Through publicity and training, all employees under the control of the company are familiar with the company's policy, all employees are actively involved in the construction and implementation of the system, and the system is continuously improved through regular review and identification of opportunities for improvement.

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